Friday, November 2, 2012

Gratitue Posts #1

Since this is November, and it seems that a lot of people on FB name something that they are grateful for, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and say what I am grateful for.  Now, I can be silly and snarky, so some of these gratitudeness things may not be as serious as others but I like to have fun, and one of my nephews, Noah, chalks it up to me being underdeveloped. 
Yesterday I started and my first post was that I was grateful for clean, ironed sheets and clean shaved legs.  Let me explain because I was called "Supermom" by a reigning pie contest winner.  My favorite day of the week is Saturday when we all wash our sheets, and since it happens to fall before Sunday, which is the only day that I REALLY need to have shaved legs, they coincide so nicely that it is heavenly to get in bed.  And, when I was growing up, for some reason, our mom made us iron the sheets and pillowcases.  I think she gave us that chore to keep us occupied.  I have not kept that up UNTIL Kevin and I went to a very fancy resort for a couple of vacation days and they have a world renowned iron press for their sheets.  I didn't want to get out of the bed.  So for our anniversary this year, I got Kevin (okay, they may have been a little for me) very nice sheets.  And then I remembered to iron them.  Just when I thought clean sheets and clean shaved legs couldn't get any better, it did!!!  So now I am a little hooked.  I haven't ironed the sheets every Saturday because sometimes there is just too darn much to do, but when I do, it makes me soooooooo happy.  And grateful. 

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