Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gratitude Post #10

Today I am grateful that my parents are serving a full time mission in the Washington D.C. South Quantico Marine Base Mission in the Special Forces Division. That may not be the real title, but they are in Washington D.C. and they are on the Quantico Base for the Marines.  And they have a special force with them.  My mom sends out a weekly email each week detailing what has happened the past week.  In her email today she warned us that the emails are lengthy.  I told her how grateful I am that they are serving their mission and giving us all of the details.  I love reading about all of the people that they are helping and how they are trying to find more people every day that have fallen away from Church activity or those who need extra support as they are serving our country in the military. I think that it is so wonderful that they get to experience both of the joys of the restored gospel and those who are fighting for our freedoms every day.  My parents are so spiritually strong and are so giving to everyone that I am honored to be their daughter.  I know that it was not easy for them to leave all of their grandchildren and friends, especially when their grandchildren are so busy and there are many life events and covenants that their grandchildren are making that they would love to witness, but I believe that all of us in their family have been blessed because of their service.  I can feel it in our family for sure.  Plus, my parents are getting a bonus of enjoying the sights and historic landmarks around the area.  So despite me saying that I was going to write a Dear John letter to them and that they timed their mission perfectly so they could avoid my 40th birthday celebration, I am very grateful to them, their commitment and the love they have for each other.  Way to go, Elder and Sister Gillette!!

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