Friday, November 2, 2012

Gratitude Post #2

Today I am grateful for running water. I'm grateful that I can go to the tap and turn it on and out comes Phoenix water.  I would be a little bit more grateful if it was Seattle water, but then I would have to suffer through the rain.  Sometimes in the summer it comes out too hot to touch, but still, it is "safe" to drink and I don't have to walk anywhere to get it.  I need to flush the toilet, BAM, it's done.  (And that is usually after I notice that someone "forgot" to flush the toilet.  Someone's still nervous that the flush will suck them into the pipes).  If I think my kids are dirty, turn on the faucet and they get all fresh and clean.  If I HAVE to do the laundry (Please people, can't you be nudists), I can start the washer whenever I feel like it.  I can water my lawn, I can water the chickens, I can fill the pool with water.  I don't take this for granted.  I am very fortunate to be here and have water.  I love water.

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