Monday, July 13, 2009

Successful Blogging 101

It has come to my attention by one of my faithful followers (thanks Mom!) that I have been slacking when it comes to updating my blog. This is not out of lack of information or things going on. It seems as though there is always something going on, so I will now describe a typical week during the summer for the Partridge family. Get ready for high action, drama, and maybe even tears.
This summer is the summer of Dillan. I know, he's the oldest. always gets the most attention, is our "break us in" child, but this summer has really been devoted to improving his abilities. The other dear children have not been neglected, as you will see, but Dillan has had the lion's share of enrichment activities. Monday -Friday this is where Dillan started his morning at7:45:

This is our community pool known as Melrose, no relation to "Melrose Place" as some fan of the show from the nineties may wonder. It is super great and fun for these guys as it brings our community together with swimming, Foosball , basketball, barbecues, and movie nights. This is our first year being a part of the club, because in years past our children have swam with the city league, which is much less expensive, but unfortunately closed this year. Chloe is on the swim team as well. We tried having Olivia on the team, but she did not fare as well. I guess we will allow this since she's four, but next year, NO EXCUSES!
Next event was Dillan's summer school at Brophy Preparatory Academy, which is a parochial high school for boys. He took speed and strength, arithmetic, and study skills. I kept asking him to ask his coach when the mom/ son day was for speed and strength, but he just rolled his eyes at me. That's my boy! You have never seen such a sea of boys as when it's quitting time there. Lots of rough housing.
After taking CHloe to and from swim, Blake got a nap, mommy ran on the treadmill, and Olivia went to and from art/ music school, it's lunch! I do not excel at my lunch making abilities. My goal is fiber. Increase every one's fiber intake. Call it my nursing instinct taking over.
Usually, at this time, a dip in the pool is warranted. Now for me, my first real venture into the pool did not come until the last week in June. THE LAST WEEK IN JUNE! We live in the hot desert, and it was not warm enough for me to get in our pool. This was a first for us to have such temperate conditions to prevent me from swimming.
Dillan and Chloe are taking piano lessons and violin lessons in the evening. It warms me heart so much to hear them. It warms my heart to hear peace too. It warms my heart to hear cooperation. OK, I'll take plain old getting along.
I have begun my job, as I have mentioned before, so three nights a week I work from the comfort of my home and go in to the office on Saturdays. So fab that I have this job. And I haven't killed anyone. Yet. That I know of.
Kevin's days go like this. Leave the house when he's good and ready. Get hot and sweaty, or enjoy a lovely lunch appointment. Sometimes he does both in the same day, enjoying a hot, sweaty lunch. I sure am loving tree trimming season though. Until it came to our trees getting trimmed. Last ones to get done.
So maybe the reason for my small fan base is that I am not as adept at blogging as I originally intended. There is always room for improvement. And material. Have I mentioned that I am going to Utah in a little more than a week. Not only will I have sisters who don't read this, which means I can say whatever I want as long as you people SWEAR not to tell them, I will also have all those Utah Mormons to observe their peculiarities. Thus begins my improvement in my blogging skills. And again, you can throw out criticisms of me for not gettin' 'er done, but this is MY BLOG. If I want to let it be a failure, well it's my prerogative (feel free to sing Bobby Brown).