Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why is it so HARD to blog on a regular basis?

Maybe I am just looking for funny stories to share and I have none that I can remember, so I think it is not worth putting a post together. But I do have ideas. That should count for something, right?
Idea #1 It's getting colder here. Yesterday, the expected high for the day was 108. This was not enough for a "heat advisory", which I find is hilarious that we have a heat advisory because I'm pretty sure we can all step outside and figure out if it is hot or not. Today, the high was an extremely cool 95. The forecast is for more 90s with the captions "NICE". Only here is that true.
Idea #2 I have a pet peeve with my husband. Ok, I probably have more than one, but this is the biggest issue I have with him that drives me bananas. I have a 24 oz yellow cup that I am constantly refilling throughout the day with water because I drink A LOT of water. I have had this cup for several years and I do wash it on a regular basis, and when it goes through the dishwasher, I am lost without it and have to use a regular cup. So, here's the issue. My husband is a light housekeeper, meaning he will put a load of laundry in the washer and think that he's done the laundry, or rinse the dishes and put them in the sink and not go one step further and put them in the dishwasher. I am ok with all of these things, but whenever he sees my yellow cup not in my hand, he puts it in the sink with the other dirty dishes! Then I have to wash it or get a regular cup and use it until it goes through the washer! It drives me cuckoo! I even went so far as to write in permanent marker on the cup the following statement "Do not empty this cup and put in the sink, EVER!!!" It worked for a few weeks until the permanent marker wore off, then he was back to his old tricks. I think it scared our housekeeper though, because she will not put that cup in the sink now, and I didn't realize that she could read English.
Well, I think this blog will appease my followers for a little while until I have another idea. Could be a loooong time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Catch Up Blog

I'm surprised that none of my two followers have chided me for not updating my blog. Here goes on what has happened this past month.

So I don't want to bore you with ALL of the details, but I took the two little ones to Utah, while the two olders were in Kentucky visiting G & G Partridge. I took the opportunity to cool down, probably too far down, because I started saying things like "It's hot!" when it was only in the 90s. Things I miss: Fry sauce at fast food restaurants (I know I can make it myself, but it's so much more fun to have someone do it for you and hand it to you in a little container), mountains, being able to walk outside at any time and not burn the bottoms of your feet if you aren't wearing shoes, and having little connections with people because you dated their brother in high school or you know someone that you grew up with that is in their ward. I don't have any of those connections here.

I did have a milestone reunion to attend. Granger High School class of 1990 20th year Reunion. I had mixed feelings about attending, because I didn't want to not remember people, or worse, have people not remember me! What if they didn't recognize me? My hair is tame, I wear less makeup (believe it or not) and I didn't have braces. I convinced Kevin to go with me. He equated it to a wedding reception where you don't know anyone. But it wasn't as fancy. No cake or paper streamers. Fortunately, I did know people! And they recognized me! And I recognized the important ones! And Kevin got a news story out of it! Back up. When I say I recognized the important ones, I am not insinuating that not everyone is important. We all know everyone is important, but I mean the important ones to me. It was more fun that I thought it would be, and I didn't even win any of the prizes. Although, the categories were: Traveled the Furthest (New York won), most kids (I have the requisition amount: 4), and oldest child ( the winner, I think, had a 21 year old. Not even close), so I did not feel bad about achieving any of those feats. Being there actually made me wish I lived in Utah, just so I could run into people I grew up with or live by them or have our children date (yikes!), but I will have to continue cramming all of the fun into a couple of weeks in the summer.

I will not relate all of the fun things that I did there, but I will mention two. I had to work while I was there, and since my mom and I did not have a 12 year old boy with us at the time, we could not get the internet connected to my computer, so I decided to get a hotel room on the nights that I had to work. I thought it would sound bad if I told people that I worked at a hotel all night, until Chloe said You can tell them that you worked in a bedroom at a hotel all night. That was worse. Julie and I were having lunch on one of the nights that I would be working, so I invited her to have a "sleepover" at the hotel with me. It was so fun because even though I was taking calls for part of the time, it was so great just to hang out, like in college, and relive all of the silliness that happened, like when she got caught by the seat of her shorts on the chain link fence when she was climbing off the shed roof of our backdoor neighbors house, and was hanging there unable to free herself. The other thing was that after Kevin and the older kids got to Utah, we went to Park City for the day. It was truly glorious. We walked around and ate lunch. Then the kids said that they wanted to jump on the bungee tramp set up at the base of the Alpine Slide. Kevin bought them tickets while Dillan and I waited in line. Kevin came back with three tickets, but Dillan said that he didn't want to go. He was afraid that he would throw up since we had just eaten. With a growing line behind us, and not wanting to waste the money that had been spent on the ticket, I volunteered to go. Mind you, there were only kids jumping and in line waiting to go, but there was a 200 lb weight limit, so there was nothing holding me back, except I hoped that my bladder was strong enough for the jumping.

Yep, that's me trying to do a back flip. I was able to flip twice, but that thing was such a workout! I was sweating from five minutes of jumping. My abs were sore for two days. I told everyone in line that it was not as easy as it looks.

That's us pre jump. I would have looked much more disheveled if it had been taken after.

I love visiting Utah and family and friends, but it is so nice to come back home, even if it feels like I am in a roasting pan when I go outside. And I am happy to report that I cannot remember getting in trouble one time while I was there. I think I did ruffle some feathers (Mom's) but I have blocked out what I may have done. Until next year.....