Monday, November 5, 2012

Gratitude Post #5

Today I am grateful that I only have to go to a Shadow Mountain High School Swim Banquet once a year for the next 14 years.  That was a loooooong 3 hour celebration of the swim team.  I am very proud of Dillan for his first year of high school swim.  He is a great swimmer and has a lot of potential (and height) to be really great at the sport.  But as the mother of four swimmers, I will be going to these for quite a while. 
Which is what I am really grateful for, that I have children who are athletic.  I was never an athlete growing up.  I was on a swim team when I was 7-8, but when my goggles broke, that was the end for me.  I ran one 5K race with my sister, Jen.  Let me rephrase that.  My sister Jen and I participated in the same race.  She was first.  I was last.  She finished the race, got her medal, and came back to run, okay fast walk, to the finish line with me.  I love being a cheerleader for my children.  Love it.  And swim is especially great for me to spectate and cheer at because they tell me that they can't hear me under water, so I can go as crazy as I'd like yelling for them.  I'm so grateful that they got that part of my gene pool as well as Kevin's natural athleticism.  Kevin can do any sport and do it well. He is my personal trainer at the gym (this is not his profession, just his passion and hobby) and when he trains me, he's lucky that I am a lady or I would cuss at him like a sailor for the (good) pain that he puts me through.  But I digress. My children have his natural tendency to pick up sports.  So it is one of the many reasons why I married him.  GO PARTRIDGE KIDS!!!!

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