Monday, November 12, 2012

Gratitude Post #12

Today I am grateful that my mother in law inspired me to become a better cook.  My mom did her fair share of teaching me to be a good cook, don't get me wrong, and she has a slew of people that love her cooking, especially any kind of bread that she makes.  But my mother in law has a natural talent for gourmet cooking and presentation of food.  I remember when Kevin and I were still newlyweds and she was showing me recipes and took me to fancy grocery stores and what to buy.  She expanded my cooking skills so that I love entertaining, and I mean like when people come over to have dinner at our house, not like one of Chloe's friends told Kevin that I was after I was their chaperone to Catalina Island.  I love having people over so that I can try new fancy recipes out on and then wow them with what I have done.  I feel very close to domestic.  Her influence also extends to my daughters.  I know that Chloe loves to go see her grandma and get one on one time to learn how to cook and craft, etc, that I don't always seem to have.  And Olivia, well, she is a mini Cathy.  If I say the word "party", she has a plan already in place for every aspect from the decorations, to the meal, to the party favors, to the entertainment.  Thank you, Cathy, for being a positive influence on me and my daughters. 

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  1. Thank you Kim for having such beautiful and fun daughters and for being such a lovely wife, mother and daughter-in-law....imagine all the wonderful things that your girls have learned from you that they will take into their homes one day and teach their daughters and daughter-in-laws - the giving and learning and love never stops!