Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gratitude Post #16-17

Yup, this is a two for one.  That's because I was enjoying an evening with Kevin last night.  So yesterday, I was grateful that I don't have a broken toe.  I have not broken my toe today (yet), but I have broken several toes.  The first one came when I was so excited that I was going to start a ballet class that I started practicing in the kitchen and kicked the door frame in an enthusiastic jete.  Needless to say, the ballet class was delayed a few weeks.  The latest broken toe happened when I was laying in bed and Dillan's phone rang in our bedroom as it was charging in the early morning and I leapt out of bed to silence it and not wake anyone and kicked the frame of the treadmill.  The sad part about that was that Kevin and I were scheduled to go on a romatic weekend where there was beautiful hiking (it wasn't the Grand Canyon) and here I had a black and blue toe and couldn't wear any shoes except for flip flops.  And then I was supposed to start training for a marathon which had to be delayed by a few weeks.  So, yay me for not having a broken toe (yet). 
Today, I am grateful that I learned to dance.  I love dancing.  Love it.  I started when I was probably three in a basement tap class, and then moved to a almost ground level ballet class, and finally an above ground ballet class.  But wait.  Then I moved to a SECOND STORY ballet class.  I have just realized all of this as I am writing it down.  I guess it's good that I didn't continue my career because I may have a class in an airplane at that rate.  Which I am not opposed to dancing in an airplane as long as it did not detract from other passengers enjoyment, and if it embarrassed my children just a little bit.  I danced in high school and college teams and loved the friednships that I made there.  I remember being so sore from dance camps in high school that it hurt to walk.  But it was a good hurt.  I loved the costumes and the rehearsals and especially the performances.  I've had a few embarrsassing moments, like when I was in the middle of a kick line in college (LOVED the kick line.  Not only could I kick the highest, but since I was the tallest, I was in the front row and center!  That doesn't happen to the tall girls in a group formation) and turned to look to the side where a boy that I was dating at the time had a huge sign asking me to Homecoming that caused me to miss two critical kicks which drew attention to me.  But I loved dancing and have such fond memories.  Thanks Mom and Dad for putting me in dance classes and believing in me, even though I'm sure it would have been easier for you if I was a swimmer or runner.  Thanks for coming to all of the recitals and thanks Mom for sewing all of those costumes. 

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