Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gratitude Post #4

Today I am grateful that my sisters and I did not die when we went to the Grand Canyon together.  That statement may seem a little melodramatic, but I realized that I was going to be driving all of my sisters in one vehicle on a long drive on two lane highways at some points on the drive and I thought that if there was a car accident that it would probably be a fiery crash that would send my car flying off into the canyon where we would all perish.  Yes, I am dramatic.  If we got in a car accident, there was no way that it would have just been a fender bender.  And I was so worried with all of us together in the car that if something did happen, then there would be five families without moms and no sisters to pick up the slack, which is what I picture will happen should something happen to any of us. 
But on a lighter note, I am sooooooo grateful that all of my sisters came down to hike down to the Colorado River and back in one day in the Grand Canyon. It was quite a feat to get us all together, and then the hiking in the rain was a separate issue.  That was actually not bad, and I am so glad that we did it mostly together (Nikki was at the top with Chase.  I knew that if we took him with us that we would get in major trouble with the Park Rangers.  I love my sisters (and brother) so much and it fills my cup with so much love to have them all with me and share all our silliness together.  It makes me miss having a sister close by, so I am grateful for my sisters in Zion in my ward that pick up the slack. 

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