Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It is a competition, after all

I've got it! I knew Emz was very upset that I was thinking the marathon was a competition and even threatened to stop running during the marathon if it seemed like I was trying to compete, but then tonight I had a stroke of genius. I could compete with her in the number of sisters present at the finish line. Now I do have twice as many sisters as her, but all of her sisters live here, whilst none of mine do. Heh, heh, heh. So, sisters who read this blog (um, that may be two), if you are not busy January 17th weekend and want to spend an enjoyable, warm (Jen, Nikki, Kellie-that's for you), fun filled weekend (chances are HIGH that there will be a spa day on Monday), come to Phoenix. Please. I have to beat her somehow.
I got fitted for new running shoes today and was horrified when he told me the shoe size that was correct for me. 11. WHAT?! Since when did I have the shoe size of a drag queen? He promised not to put the number on the marquee outside, but he kept calling me "Roman Numerals". Ouch. But, on the flip side, I ran and my feet felt much better. He said that I was probably wearing too small of hiking boots which is why my toenails keep getting hammered. So now I have to get hiking boots in that ugly size. It will take me a few weeks to get those because I have to come to terms with this. And why can't they make flashy, cute shoes? They aren't purely for function. There needs to be a little bit of fashion in them.
That's the latest on my marathon preparation. I can't really say training. because since when was enticing four sisters to come to balmy Phoenix during the coldest month of the year where they are qualify as training?
By the way, if anyone has rocking cardio/ running songs that they like let me know. I asked my nephew, Nick, to give me a list, but his preferred songs are mostly death metal. I told him clean songs that aren't about scary things. Maybe that's why it's taking him so long to get me that list.


  1. Kim...Kim...Kim....darling, I have noticed that you were squeezing into your shoes for quite some time and I am very sorry that I did not say anything to you. Think of all the toe nails that could have been saved!! I started out a size 9...then 10...and now I am also an 11!! I take exception to being called a drag queen (because I wear size 11's) ...epecially because I have actually been mistaken for one on Halloween "back in the day" when I was dressed as an ABBA singer!!! Anyway...being an 11 is not so bad. You have to shop at Nordstroms for your shoes or online!! It is like a little treasure hut every time you need to match shoes to your new outfit. Look at the positives my dear!!! EMBRACE your new foot size!!

  2. Kellie aka Perry MaeNovember 7, 2009 at 9:54 AM

    I think Yan'tu might actually be off-track at that we'll see. Yes, wearing the right size shoe while running does save your toes a lot of misery. I was running in a size 6 when I bruised and eventually lost my toenail. Now I run in an enormous size 7 ;). That's what you get for stealing all of the height out of the family gene pool! Love you!

  3. Spa day?! That's full on bribery-come on!!! But heck if kevin's paying---sign me up. ;)
    11 really?! Are they (shoes) red & will you be followed by the "hamburgler"?
    I do thank you for trying to follow the no-compete clause. TRUST me------- it's hard for me too. I'll run my third marathon w/you in February-if you so desire as a full blown competition. This one (make it a competition) - & run alone. I NEED a sisterhood run. :)