Monday, October 26, 2009

A Noncompetitive Marathon?!?!

So, I'm sitting here hard at work (which for me means sitting on my bed and watching Dancing with the Stars-I can't believe I get paid for this!), and I thought I would blog about how I have been tricked by my dear friend, Emily. It all started when she asked me if I wanted to run the Rock N' Roll Marathon this coming January. I hesitated to say yes, because, although I want to run a marathon, this one is on the Sabbath, which most are, and I told her as much. Then she hit me with the I was being judgemental and she could find another friend. I knew this was a lie because she is the kind of girl who no one wants to be her friend because she's tall, blond, beautiful, athletic, super stylish, and. well, hot. She's also smart and an amazing cook, but that's hard to know unless she cooks for you, which she did when I was sick (awwww), so that makes it hard to be her friend, because let's face it, who wants to be the ugly, frumpy friend. Fortunately, it's easy for me to be her friend because we are like carbon copies. We are so alike, I say we are sisters. So I knew no one else would want to run next to her, so I caved. I told her I would check with Kevin first to see if he would give me the okay to run on the Sabbath. Not only did he give me the okay (I was a little shocked, I must say), but THEN he sealed the deal for me by saying I could beat her. Nuff said! That's all I need to give me the motivation, a competition that I could win. A little background on the competition between Emily and I. We were in a Primary Presidency meeting once and it turned into a throwdown Jello competition. I KNEW I would beat her then because I had a lot of Jello experience. She didn't know that my mom gave me a box of Jello when Kevin and I got married because he loved it so much, and I would have won, if there hadn't been very sad circumstances that have postponed our competition (I will be triumphant). Soooooo, when the dear husband turned this into a competition, I started talking smack to her saying that she would be eating my dust and crying when I smoked her. She dropped a bomb on me then. She said this was a sisterhood event, not a competition. Imagine a very long pause. I felt like she had just sucked all of the wind out of my sails. Why the heck was I doing this now? I had to dig down waaaaaay deep and find my inspiration for an event like this. To be honest, it took me about ten seconds, because then I thought, well there is a pharmacist I work with who is running it. I don't have to tell her that I'm competing with her, but I will be. AND, just to show Emily that I can make a competition out of anything, I will have my children make cuter, bigger, better signs than her daughter. AND I will have a flashier outfit. AND I will raise more money than her for the Leukemia Foundation.


  1. Will you be PAYING for that flashy outfit Mrs. REI stealer?
    and BTW - Ellie says "GAME ON PARTRIDGE FAMILY! I may be Emily's ONLY child, but I will reign supreme". OK -I said that, but she always agrees with me. mostly. sometimes. when I bribe her.
    ahhhhh & the $$$$ - the Sojourner Center [to end domestic violence] will greatly enjoy the massive amount of funding I have already gathered.
    *all in the name of "sisterhood", of course.*
    Dang - I'll be nice. You know I adore you [when you're nice]. Thanks for the post. Nice ending to a super crazy/blah day. :)

  2. You two better knock it off or I am going to have a sit down with you!
    -the neighborhood momma

  3. I WANT a sit down with neighborhood mamma. Wait----can I stand?
    I'd like a stand-off, please.