Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rent a Kid, Anyone?

I am alone. Well, not really. Blake and I are here together, but I have found his conversation limiting. He pretends to call Kevin on the phone. Am I really that boring? I know I've been lounging around the house all day reading a book under the pretense of being ill, had my lunch brought to me by a rockin' friend, who happens to be my ONLY follower (c'mon Mom), read a fabulous book (The Help byKathryn Stockett-seriously great, and I take my book recommendations very seriously after being recommended The Lovely Bones. Don't you dare read it or see the movie. It is not life changing. It is the most depressing after life book ever. They made a movie out of this junk. Consider yourself warned), and was in my version of sweats ALL DAY. I didn't put on any makeup or do my hair. I must really be sick. Back to me being alone. Kevin asked for a stand in wife last weekend and I am now asking for stand in children. I need to drive someone somewhere, get after someone to do their homework/chores/violin, play a game with, or just have come up to me and ask if I need anything (my son is the best!). I will even take one of the Jeppson boys, as long as there are clear no touching boundaries. I have the whole weekend and many time slots available for your child/ children (except you, Myrissa, just one of yours at a time). Have fun, Partridge Children, with Grammy and Grampy. I will miss you more than you know.


  1. You can't have my kid-but let's do lunch. How's 11/9/10 @ noon?

    Lmk if you are up for lunch tomorrow {you can wear your sweats} & my boyfriend Blake, is very much invited.

    If still sick, no problem.... My wheels do deliver Friday's as well.

    Enjoy yourself.

  2. You have more fans than you realize. Most of us lurk on blogs. As my kids would say, "that's not creepy?" Keep up the good bloggin.