Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Turning into Thanksgiving Linda

That's my mom by the way. She puts on a huge Thanksgiving festivus for anywhere from thirty to sixty plus people, and there is always something forgetful or interesting that happens in the prep. I am making a dinner for 7. That's it. So you think that I would have low stress. However, to add to the dinner is the fact that I signed up to have the missionaries over to dinner on Wednesday night and Kevin's brother, Jake, and his wife, Meredith, with new baby, Erica, are coming over, so that will be my show stopping dinner. I also work on Thanksgiving, so really, what can I do besides get it ready the day before, but it's nothing fancy. But I knew I needed a turkey, even though I thought about a ham, I really don't want to hear about how there wasn't leftovers or whatever, so while I was picking up stuff for dinner, I saw a Turkey breast in a roasting pan on a bed of red potatoes. Perfect, I thought for the Thanksgiving dinner for 7. I was really proud of myself for getting it all done without sweating, and as I was talking to Myrissa as I was driving home, I realized I already had a turkey defrosting in the fridge. I had hidden and forgot about it. Guess what's for dinner on Sunday?

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