Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What It's Like to Live Here in January

I hesitiated putting this video on my blog because I didn't want to upset anyone that was living in a frozen tundra, but then I remembered that ALL of my followers live here, so I needn't worry about upsetting anyone. This video is from January 31st in Tempe Towne Lake, which is in Tempe, AZ about 20 minutes away from our home. I don't have it on this video, but I said that Dillan is not with us because he chose to have an Air Soft War with his friends instead of hanging out with us. Enjoy the show!



  1. Post this again in July when I hate it here.

    Really? a body? How did I miss this?!

  2. Yes, the student from ASU that went missing after he was walking home from a party and he had to walk by the lake, and when he didn't make it home, they assumed he fell in, I guess.

  3. Oh, yeah?!? Well I wore FLIP FLOPS out in the 30 degree weather yesterday. Take THAT! (And yes, I'm the jealous one here. Good thing I'm heading to Hawaii in a couple weeks for some sun. Maybe I won't go to hell for coveting. This week.)

  4. I will have you know...it is now almost spring here in Norway.
    It was 35 F today. I didn't even have to zip my jacket!!!

  5. K-I just noticed that it says Ali V in SLC...and I'm not in SLC. Humm...how to keep a rhyme? Ali V in Oslo City perhaps?