Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Married!

I know you have all been asking me "When do we get to see your wedding video? How come you haven't posted your wedding video?" All right, already. It's only been almost 16 years of bugging me, but I've FINALLY got it on DVD (thank you Costco!). Now for your viewing pleasure, four hours of our wedding day!!! All right, I decided to actually have people watch it, so I condensed it into a less than ten minute video. I apologize for the lengthy cake cutting, but I didn't edit very well, and the shot of me and Cathy outside in their backyard cutting our open house cake is in the middle, because, again, poor editing skills, but please notice the cake and cookies. The cookies had "Kevin and Kim" written on EACH one and were tied with a ribbon, and the cake! The cake was so beautiful and was made by Cathy's friend.

Now, some of you may be embarrassed at how silly you were (Jake and Adam), or how young Kevin looks, and how I STILL look the same. Ok, except for the fact that I stopped dying my hair brown and it is its natural shade of dark blonde with highlights and lowlights. I love the shot of my dad looking exhaustico. That shot should have been after my sister's wedding two months before when they put on a luau for her AND we had to go to Hawaii for her open house. That was exhausticating. The shot of my dad should have been jumping and shouting for joy that he had gotten rid of me! A special thank you to Uncle Bruce Merrill. The Merrill's may have a reputation for always having a camera or recording device handy, but I am so grateful to have this momentous day recorded forever. Let's hope I stay looking that young forever, too.


  1. You DO look exactly the same!!! :)

  2. I

    Could Dillan look any more like Kevin?

    Holy freaking cow.