Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy President's Day!

This post should have happened yesterday, but we were celebrating too much yesterday and didn't have time. I assured my children that just because they had the day off of school, it did not mean that they had the day off of learning. I asked them to pick a president that they didn't know much about and to research that president and write a few paragraphs about their life and read it to me. Chloe chose William Taft. I don't know why either. She wrote out her three paragraphs and then ended it with "He was the Fattest President" just like that in multiple colors. She got an A+ for creativity. Dillan was not involved in this assignment as he was doing hard labor with his dad at different properties, so he did have the day off from formal education, not a day off from real life education. I asked Olivia which president she would like to research. She said that she wanted me to write down who her favorite presidents were and then she would decide. Here is the list: Abraham Lincoln (she already wrote something for school about him. It was the fact that his son died in the White House, and then he got shot in the head while he was watching a play. ), Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, and Barack Obama. I have no idea where she came up with those names, except the first and last one. We chose Andrew Jackson, because he is on the $20 bill. Later in the day, she went to gymnastics, where she comes easily to her, as she was somersaulting at age 2 and does a far better cartwheel than her 10 yr old sister. I told her how proud I was for her hard work and how when the coach would give her correction, she would try her hardest to do it. She said; "Thanks Mom for supporting me." Heaven help me.


  1. that you for the presidential lesson. Had no idea Jackson was on the $20. Mr. "Benjamin"...I know but didn't know Mr. Jackson.

    I was asked by the Pita's mom yesterday what president's day was actually for . . .


    I need to go back to school. Would you "support me" in that?! Love Ms. O.

  2. You are a clever girl. Yes, the poor folk use the $20 bill as a mode of currency. You can also get $10, $5, and $1! They also have presidents on them.