Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Gym Rant #2 or Pants on the Ground

I didn't think another incident would happen that I would blog about from the gym, but alas, I have more material. Soooo.....last week, I had just finished my super strenuous, athlete in training workout when I walked in to the Women's Locker Room. Now, I am not naive that there is better than a 50% chance that I will see nudity when I walk in there. I am not offended by nudity, since I have seen so much of it, and at least 90% of it has been unattractive nudity (you guessed it, Blake is the other 10%), so there is little nudity that shocks me. Which is what happened when I walked in to the locker room. I came around the corner, and there was a woman, probably in her 20s, with her pants halfway down, or halfway up, depending if you are an optimist or a pessimist, so she was nekked from her midriff to her midthighs. Uh, yeah. But that isn't why I was appalled. I was horrified at what she was doing, standing up, nekked. She was texting! I don't know of one phone call, text, letter in the mail, or loud speaker announcement, that would cause me to stop pulling my pants up! Seriously, uncalled for. But that is what this generation is turning into. The text vs. common decency.


  1. okay. fine. I'd like to publicly apologize.

  2. my texting vs. offend Kim = Emily WINS!