Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's true. I am wallowing in suffer, even as we speak. Last week, after a day of Pilate's and elliptical, I stepped out of the shower, and thought, "Odd. My right shin is numb. Maybe the water was too hot." It didn't go away. Thanks to Google, I was able to self diagnose that my ailment was the result of a compressed disc/ nerve in my back, caused by (gasp) RUNNING! What?! And exacerbated by Pilate's maneuvers that are not recommended by chiropractors. UGH!! Just when I was starting to get faster and run for longer, this happens! Poor me. Now you see why I suffer. I am going to Dr. Berg, Chiropractor, from the ward, who, by the way, has THE most modest patient gowns I've ever seen. They Velcro in the back and go past my knees and almost to my elbows. I may "accidentally" walk out with one in my purse. I'll have to bring the big purse next time. He is doing stimulation therapy on my back (feels like a million little hands massaging my back. And, like other massages, he takes me off of it just as I am falling asleep. Meanie.), followed by distraction therapy. This is stretching out my lower back, although, I'm not sure why it is called "distraction", because I like it. He does distract me by talking about Kevin, so I guess that could be it. Every time I have gone, I have asked him, WHEN can I start running. He says maybe four to six weeks. I have decided, that maybe doctors orders are really just suggestions, and meant to be a sort of guide. In the mean time, no Pilate's, no running, but I can "pool jog". Stepped in to the pool this AM and almost died from exposure. Like hypothermia, not exposing my neighbors to me in a suit after four months of no tan. So, I will not be pool jogging until June, maybe May if the temperature gets above 105 by then. Oh well. Kevin and I are planning a trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for a down and up in one day (approximately 28 miles with an average grade of 21%) and the doctor did say that walking was good for me. He NEVER said that I shouldn't do it at a 15% incline with a 15 lb backpack on. Alright, maybe the SUFFERING was a little dramatic, but you know me. My mom always said I should have been an actress.

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