Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There's A Room in the Inn!

Okay, it's really a lodge that we are staying in, but it's just more fun to say room in the inn. Of course, when I told my witty friend, Myrissa, she said That means you're no Mary. Very funny. She elaborated on how I wasn't a Mary. After two days of endless calling and checking the website, a Western cabin opened up for my dear husband and I. This means we get a cabin "nestled in the pines" with a possible view of the canyon. I'm just glad it's not the lobby view. I celebrated the sealing of the deal, as it were, with a trip to REI and new trekking poles and Camelbak bladder. Kevin protested me getting the poles because he said that was his one hope of keeping up with me. This is coming from he guy who won the first 10K he ever ran. I don't mean the first time he ever ran a race, I mean the first time he EVER RAN. Up until that point, he hadn't wanted to run because he felt that he would lose weight and be too skinny. So, he is a natural athlete at every sport he does, and he hikes frequently. He just hiked Estes Park in Colorado last month. I know this is the reverse of what we will be doing, but nonetheless, he will beat me on the descent, while I plan to beat him on the ascent. Either way, it's time alone. Can't beat that.
Now comes the final preparations. I've been doing the bleachers in the morning and the treadmill routine. I don't like hiking the local steepish trails around here because it's more like a singles bar on the trail than a training experience. The girls get all made up and are in skimpy outfits and there is a heavy scent of cologne. Ick. I have my new equipment. But now here comes the really tough part. For me at least. Due to the logistics of the feat, we can only take what we will be carrying in our packs on our trip around the canyon from the south to the north, meaning, I will have to carry minimal beautifying products. I know what you're all thinking, What beautifying products? I know it looks like I am a natural beauty, but it takes A LOT to make it look this effortless. Just ask my sisters. This will cut down on my prewaking Kevin up getting ready, but still, it's very tough to whittle it down to just the necessities. Plus, I don't want to pack pajamas and all that. I won't even tell you what my RSP suggested! A little PG-13. This is the biggest challenge of the whole trip. I may change my mind after, but for now, this is it.
As a postscript to the last entry, I forgot to mention a sacrifice my mom was willing to make for us to watch the children. She will be missing the Howdy Neighbor Breakfast. I do not really see this as being a problem since she knows everyone in the neighborhood and they know her, but still, it is an event I'm sure she would love to be at.
There are 10 days until we leave. Tomorrow I'm going to rip another link off of my paper chain.


  1. Kim - you are my hero - you go girl! My mouse isn't working so I'm using Paul's laptop...not so easy with all my mission work....anyway, as far as the beautifying products are concerned, remember large sunglasses hide a multitude of sins - not that you have any of course but it is my mantra when I go out walking in the am's.

  2. Ummmmm - where do I start?!

    Virgin Mary Vs. Kim

    I don't even want to touch that one.