Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Almost Time To Go!

I am counting down the hours until we head out of town on our "romantic" weekend getaway. That's what Jen called it this afternoon. The romance for me will be leaving cell phones and children behind. I would sign up for these marathons more often if I could just for those benefits. NOT THAT I DON'T LOVE MY CHILDREN! Because, of course, I do, but it is so refreshing to leave. Then I can appreciate them more.
I have packed light, which means, my pack at this point only weighs eight pounds, but that number will rise as I add my water, cameras, and make up. The weather is expected to be good. The high at the Grand Canyon rim will be 80 degrees. Now, in the canyon is waaaay different. The bottom is about the same temperature as Phoenix, which the high is expected to be 104 degrees. And from what I have read from past rim to rim hikers, there is a seven mile stretch on the North Kaibab Trail (the on that we are descending) that feels like a parking lot in Phoenix. Interesting. I can't wait to get through that part. I am so excited and hopefully ready. Kevin thinks that I need a shell to wear in case it rains, which is very likely since we are still in haboob season.
This has nothing to do with the hike, but, of course, this is my blog and I can do whatever I want. On Tuesday, Kevin went to the Diamondbacks game with one of his friends. When he came home he said, "You and I really need to start going to those games together." Awww. I thought for sure that he meant he wanted me to go with him so he could parade me around like a trophy wife, which seems to be what people do around here at professional sporting events, like he said Dan Majerle had who was sitting by him. No, that's not why he wanted me there. It was because he saw a couple in their fifties and the woman was rubbing the man's ears while he watched the game. Kevin thought that this would be heaven!
Even though this is a short entry, you may now post a comment on my blog. Please keep it clean (Julie, that means you)! And please, no personal attacks. I am far too delicate to take it. After all, I am a little underdeveloped.


  1. Kim = delicate?!?
    When did this happen?!
    As if...

  2. Meant to add:

    Have fun on your "ROMANTIC" 25 MILE HIKE!

    I do really enjoy having you as a friend. {See it just doesn't feel right when I/we are nice to each other}. ;)