Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do You Haboob?

What is a haboob?
A. Popular term , probably meaning "believe"
B. A type of biscuit made from rolled oats and jumbo oats
C. An intense sand storm
D. Money making opportunity

The correct answer is: C & D
It used to be just C for our family, but now for Kevin's business, it's both. Living in the Southwest is a peculiar thing when our storm comes in the form of dust. Very pleasant. This storm was when Dillan, Chloe, Sharon (Arizona Grandma-no relation to us, but we filled a vacancy that she had) and I were on our way to see Wicked.
Now haboobs can be very interesting to watch as you observe the dust rolling in across the valley or on the news in the comfort of you confined space.

But when you have to get out of your car and walk through it on the way to an event....a little less interesting, more irritating.
We had to walk through this, so I told Chloe to close her eyes and I would guide her through it. Up there in the left hand corner is Gammage Auditorium, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I know he's a legendary architect, but I am not a fan of this building. For starters, the rows are one continuous long row of 100 seats, so say you are in the center and need to get a snack/ drink, you have to squeeze past everyone, because of course, it was designed at a time when people were smaller, so there is little leg room. Then if you are seated in the balcony, the grade is steep so as you are squeezing past everyone, you feel as though you could pitch sideways and fall in the row down from you. Not that I'm complaining. I think if I did fall, I could get a large sum from the FLW estate due to poor design.

Now all of you non Phoenix residents can wow you friends with the use of the term "haboob" whenever you can bring it up in conversation, such as "Wow, when I got to the beach, the kids were so excited to be there, their running caused a haboob!" You're welcome.

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