Wednesday, April 15, 2009

These Songs

I have been compiling a list of songs that remind me of people whenever I hear them. Since I know that if you are reading this you only care about the song that reminds me of you and not everyone because you may not know them, so I will arrange them into categories, i.e. siblings, college friends, etc, so that you can scroll to your assigned category, find yourself, read what I song it is, then make your comment if you have one. Here goes.


Matt-Vasoline by the Stone Temple Pilots, specifically the trip that I took with them to Las Vegas. That song played a lot on the radio while we were there and I hadn't really heard it before or as much right after.

Nikki-Any Howard Jones song from the Dream Into Action tape that she played every night as we were going to sleep, specifically No One is to Blame.

Stephanie-Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction. I think she had this tape and played it a lot, because Sweet Stephanie would not be caught stealing!

Kellie-Footloose by Kenny Loggins. She danced and cartwheeled all over our living room while Jim Ballard played his bass guitar.

Jen-I don't have a song for her. Sorry.

Julie-(This one will be a surprise) Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin. That song was very popular when I went to visit them one time and Julie said how cute she thought he was. Go figure. And I could have chosen any of the songs that we used to do grandma water aerobics to.

Lauren and Nick- Stupid Girl by Garbage. On another trip to Florida, they had a CD with that song on it that they played over and over and those two sang at the tops of their lungs. They couldn't have been more than four and six. A close second is Peaches and I am forgetting the band.


Julie Allyson Taylor-That's What Friends are For by Dione Warwick et al. Not because of the obvious cheesy reason but because one time we were walking home from the library at Snow and one of us said something about gloves and we both sang spontaneously "That's what gloves are for." Our brains were knit together those days.

Kim Neerings-Queen of My Double Wide Trailer by Sammy Kershaw. No she isn't trailer trash, but I heard her singing that song before I heard it on the radio and she loved that song, and it is a funny country song.

Tracy Boswell-You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. Those guys had just beaten a tough bunch of guys at a basketball game and acted cool out on the court, but once we got back to their apartment, they blared that song and he went crazy dancing and air guitaring.

The Partridges

Kevin-Give it to Me Baby by Rick James. Again, not what you are thinking! It reminds me of our first trek in and out of the Grand Canyon. It was the last song that I added to my iPod because I heard it at REI as I was shopping and thought it would be a good motivation song for me and it was.

Dillan-Do You Really Want to Hurt Me by The Culture Club. We had the Wedding Singer CD when Dillan was a baby, and since I had no other children to distract me, we would dance in our living room to that song over and over.

Chloe-Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me by George Michael and Elton John. When I was pregnant with Chloe and nervous that everything would be okay with her given the troubles I had before, and I was driving and this song came down and I knew she would be okay. And she was/ is.

Olivia-Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. I don't know another tow year old who could belt out a song like that. She's going to be something.

Blake-So Happy Together by The Turtles. I sing this to him every day before he takes a nap.


Julie Taylor/Coach Tidwell-Wildflower by The Cult. Julie and I took a jogging class in college and I stretched before we jogged to this song. We loved this class because of the teacher. We made sure that we couldn't run faster than him.

The temple-The Race is On by Sawyer Brown. Okay, I know, this one sounds a little sacreligious, but I am competitive. So without going into too much detail, whenever we are asked to put on our ceremonial clothing and the room is quiet and we're all getting dressed, I turn it into a race and try to get done before everyone else.

This list may not be interesting to anyone else but me, and unfortunately by biggest followers, the Waldroms (ha-ay!), are not on the list, but it doesn't mean they aren't close to my heart.

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  1. Yeah seriously, are the Waldrom's the only ones who read this! Doubt it. Everyone else is too shy to comment. I did scroll down the list, looking for my name, but no luck. Maybe next time I'll make the list :)