Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Announcement

Since no one was reading my blog except for my fabulous friends, the Waldroms, mainly because I hadn't let anyone know that I didn't know how to announce it. So I put out this email to my sisters and moms:
I know it's only been a year, but I am having another baby. This comes in the form of a blog though, so no crying, unless of course, I make someone cry from what I have to say. The blog is No pressure to read it or anything, but at this point, the only people who have read it are the Waldroms (family friends with five grown girls) so they think that my sisters don't like me, which could secretly be true but we can pretend, right? Anyway, it's a good way to find out if I'm saying anything about you behind your back for the whole world to read. P.S. I can't wait to read YOUR blog!
That's exactly how it was written, expecting that my sisters would go to my blog and read about it and know that I wasn't actually having a live baby but a blog that can take as much care as a baby. Now since I have talked to my sisters about this, one has said that I do need to explain some of my history with announcing a new baby in our family. When I was pregnant with Olivia, the third child, I was not living by any of my family and had not seen anyone since I had found out that I was pregnant, I decided not to tell any of my family until I went for the yearly summer trip which all of my sisters get together and bond. Usually it's fun, but sometimes there are tears. A couple of my sisters got it out of me, but my parents and two little sisters were unaware of my delicate condition. So when they saw me and I was nine months pregnant, there was a great deal of shock and awe, yet they have never forgotten how I told them I was pregnant with Olivia (and Olivia is a very unforgettable character). It was with this email going out that a few of my sisters initially thought that I was having a baby, a real life baby not a blog baby, but when they reread the email understood that I wasn't expecting. That is, except for Stephanie. She read the email and declared to her children, who had been praying, pleading, and begging for a new baby, that all of their efforts had gone my way instead. I hadn't been attempting to trick anyone in the least, but if I couldn't trick them with my story of dehydrated water for my food storage, I guess this was the next best way.


  1. haha Kim, you crack me up! I enjoy your blog...not many peeps know about mine either. I just let you in...

  2. I was wondering why it was only the Wally girls who commented:) That is too funny about your pregnancy with Olivia...!