Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day of Vindication

For those of you who read about my Day of Rejection, which included me getting strong armed out of the PTG, you will be happy to know that there was a Day of Vindication. This came last week at the hands of my dearest and cleverest friend, Myrissa, quite inadvertently. One of the requirements that I had as the PTG secretary was sending out a weekly email detailing the events of the PTG happenings for the coming week. I knew how bored I would be if I had to suffer through the same news week after week delivered in a bland way, so I did my best to liven it up with a little humor and wit. Myrissa knew the details of my ousting from the PTG and told me how much she had enjoyed the emails, probably because we both have the same sense of humor, but had no need to miss them, because her boys, except one, were enrolled in a charter school, and he had been accepted into the charter school, so none of her children would be at the elementary school. So, when the weekly email came out last Monday, wrapping up the year and informing people that if they wished to be removed from the email list, to please respond to get taken off. Myrissa, still believing that it was I who was responsible for the email sent this response "Please remove me from your email list as I am taking my children and fleeing from the school because I know that there will not be any entertaining emails next year." She hit the send button than wondered if I had actually sent the email since it was much drier than the ones I had sent out. She called me and asked if I was the one that was getting the email responses, and I told her no, the torch had been passed. That's when she relayed the story and I laughed so hard that my abs got the best workout ever. She said that she had thought about putting in the email about how rotten and conniving the PTG was, but thought better of it. Oh how I wish I could have seen the PTG president's face when she opened that email to know that I was going to be missed, and that someone said they were not going to be there because of me not being in the PTG (even if it isn't true). Thanks Myrissa for being a true friend and giving me the vindication from this ridiculous chapter in my life.

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  1. you can also feel vindicted knowing I will not be able to text for a week since my phone decided it likes the air better in NZ. who can blame him. Guess I'll have time now to finish off learning my Q,R,S's