Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Myrissa and Sophia!

Today is two of my favorite people's birthdays. Myrissa Jeppson, whom I lovingly refer to as my nemesis, and Sophia, who is one of my daughter's dearest friends. That's all that I need to say, but once again, because this is a blog, I will elaborate.

Myrissa moved into the ward with her then three energetic boys and husband almost five years ago. I tried to get her kicked out of the ward for being too perfect. And I bet I could have succeeded except for I dropped my attempts when I realized she was irreverent, which I enjoy. But my husband didn't make it easy on me trying to live up to her when he would make comments like "Is that too heavy for you? Let me call Myrissa. She can do it." Or "I need to call Myrissa to see if she can sew my shirt for me." Not nice for a overly competitive wife to hear. She still is aggravating that she has it so together and now has four energetic boys, all of whom I love individually, but collectively...

Sophia is a joy. I met her for the first time at church as well when she was four and attempting to obscond some treats that I had for the MIA Maids. She is very spirited and vivacious. She is also very polite and has developed her talent on the violin. Around here we call her Petunia because I renamed her and Chloe after flowers, but Petunia just seemed to stick for Sophia. She's leaving with her family and I am going to miss her more than her mom, Laura.

So, Myrissa, as my nemesis and thinking of others, etc. threw a Rock Star birthday party for Sophia, since Sophia's parents are taking their belongings to Las Vegas while they go to medical school today. I was able to participate as the head stylist for the makeovers. This is the finished product:

Party on, girls!

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  1. I should hate you just for that picture you posted. It's a good thing I love you too!