Friday, May 1, 2009

Corrections/ Addendums

Yes, I just posted, but I have been wanting to "fix" some things in previous posts and I have no idea how to do it except this. And since I have so many followers who have been waiting to hear from me, I will elaborate.
Livin' in the Southwest
There are a couple of things to add here. One is that in the summer, and by the way, that doesn't just mean June-August. May and September are included and some days in April and October. OK, in the summer, if you want cold water out of the tap, you have to wait a looooong time for it, if it even comes at all. When I draw a bath for the little ones, I have to let it COOL DOWN before I can put the plug in because it is so hot. And this dovetails onto my Nursing Excitement post. When I did home infusion, the hotter the water was coming out of the tap correlated with how poor the family was. Very hot = poor.
These Songs
In that post, I said that the song that reminded me of Julie my sister in law was incorrect. I remembered her song. When her, Lauren, Nick, and I were driving home from the beach and all of a sudden it was like someone had turned on the faucet on high it was raining so hard. We could barely see in front of us. We were listening to a Garbage CD and the song "I'm Only Happy When it Rains" came on. We both started laughing at the irony.
Emily Waldrom McKellar complained that I did not have a song for her. Well I don't, but my children do. It's "Beverly Hills" by Weezer because it was her ring tone when she was my little ones nanny. Plus, she's a little Hillish.
Myrissa's is "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States because we got a ton of peaches from Utah to can and how can you have a ton of peaches around and not sing "Movin' to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches."
Now for miscellaneous Olivia stuff before I forget to put it down somewhere and forget all of the things that she says. As some of you know, Swine Flu, a.k.a. H1N1 Flu, has been going around the world and causing PANIC, though I am not concerned about it at all, but with all of the coverage, little ears pick up on the PANIC. So Blake threw up on Wednesday night before he went to bed and Olivia promptly diagnosed him as having Swine Flu. The next day she asked if he was better and I told her yes. She then congratulated Blake on getting over the Swine Flu. This week she informed me that she could speak Cowboy. I asked her how does one speak Cowboy. She said like this...goodnight, y'all or hello, y'all. She said she was going to teach Blake.
Olivia informed me on a different day that her "girls" (her privates) smelled like petunias. I asked her how she knew, to which she responded she had smelled them. Is kindergarten really ready for her?
I know that I am forgetting more things, so there could be an addendum to the addendum, but no apologies. This is MY blog.


  1. Thank you! I appreciate the song given to me, that is true. Beverly Hills is my fav. Love the Partridges and seeing you all last week. You the bomb. <3

  2. You should be able to edit previous blogs by going to your new blog page. Then, instead of creating a new blog, there should be a tab indicating "edit" existing blogs. From there you can review, edit, preview, etc. until you're happy with the corrections. Hope this helps :)