Monday, December 17, 2012

How I dealt with the Tragedy

Like most everyone else, I have been so extremely saddened by the horrific tragedy in Sandy Hook and all of the children that were killed in their innocence and those that were trying to protect them from harm.  I cried when I heard President Obama speak.  Dillan came home from school and I told him I needed a hug, which I can't believe that he complied, and then I told him what happened, and I got another hug from him.  I cried at church when we sang Silent Night.  I cried when President Obama spoke at the memorial service and read each child's name.  I knew that I needed to say something to Olivia, since I knew that she may hear about it at school on Monday, but I wasn't quite sure what I could say to her to not scare her and know that she would be protected.  So in my final cry of the weekend, she asked me why I was so sad.  I told her that a very bad man had done something awful in a school to a lot of children and their teachers were there trying to protect them.  Through tears and sobbing, I told her that she would be safe and that this was not something that had ever happened before, but I told her she always needs to listen to her teachers direction, but more importantly than that, was that she always needed to listen to the Spirit.  If she listened to the Spirit it would keep her safe from harm better than anyone else could.  I also asked her to remember to pray for that every day.  Fortunately, the whole family was around when I was telling Olivia this, so hopefully they absorbed some of this as well if they were feeling scared about what had happened as well.  I am so grateful that i have that knowledge of the gospel and the Comforter that can help not only me, but my children in times of danger. 

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