Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Swimming!

Last Sunday, I was enjoying cleaning up the kitchen, when I noticed I had a visitor at my kitchen window, out on the counter top. I let out a shriek and landed on the counter in the kitchen yelling for the kids to GO GET DAD! It was a mouse. Kevin picked up his weapon of choice, a broom (he had used a broom to kill a mouse years ago when we lived in the Avenues), and wounded the rodent leaving a trail of blood and two boys, one spotlight, and a broom, searching in the backyard in hopes of finishing the job (sorry if there are any PETA people out there). No luck. Fast forward two days, while in my role as the pool girl, I found it. Stiff and floating. I quickly escorted Blake back in to the house, and waited for help to arrive. This came in the form of a 12 year old boy, who ran outside when I told him what I had found. He thought this was the best thing that had happened in a long time. He now had a passenger for his RC boat that he had been cruising around in the pool. I was a spoil sport and nixed the idea. I have never been so happy to say that we will not be swimming for seven months. That will give me plenty of time to decontaminate that pool.

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  1. At least it wasn't a "rat"....still haven't located our visitor.