Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Jig is Up

I thought that my sisters were not reading my blog since NONE of them took my How Well Do You Know Me? test on Facebook, and my specific instructions were that they were NOT to read the answers until they took the test and their results were posted. They all took it and guess what? No controversy over the Who Is My Favorite Sister? question, even though none of my biological sisters were the correct answer. I guess none of them really cared that they were not my favorite sister. So now I get to thank Julie for being my favorite sister and she actually cared that I chose her. But the jig is up now and I can't divulge any privileged information on here about them. However, since there are so few following this blog, I can blog about other people. Hmmmm....

Now that I am here in Utah, the land of Zion, where you can go to your local Costco and buy Church related materials, and no one looks at you weird when you have four of your children plus extras (I haven't heard ONCE "Boy, you have your hands full!" given with a disapproving look). It is such an interesting experience to come back and the differences between here and Phoenix (or maybe for that matter, anywhere else). I saw a billboard for same day missionary package delivery. I was with my dear friend, Alison, and her nurse knew what a ward was, even though she's not LDS. We went to Lagoon and they had dinner prayer over the loud speaker. OK, I made that last one up, but it is definitely Zion.

The last thing on this post, is what my nephew, Noah, had to say about me. When my sister, Stephanie, was relaying this exchange with her children, she made me promise not to be offended by what she had to say. So there had been a incident where her daughter was left out of a sleepover with Chloe, and instead of us being upfront with her and telling her what was going on, I chose to not tell her, in an attempt to not hurt her feelings. It didn't work because she found out about it and was upset that we had done something behind her back. I talked to her that it was my idea to not tell her and that it was my idea and not her cousins. She was still hurt even after her and I talked about it and was asking her mother who knew about the sleepover. Stephanie told her that it wasn't the best idea to have kept it from her, when her son, Noah, piped in and said "Well, Malia, you know Aunt Kim isn't as developed as Mom." Wh-a-a-t? Mind you, I teased Stephanie RELENTLESSLY when we were growing up on her lack of development, stating several times that I had taken her fair share. So this is very humorous. Noah goes on to explain, though. When Stephanie asked him what he meant by that he said "Well, you know she's like a kid, she likes to have fun and you don't, Mom, you're more of a party pooper." LOVE that boy! Little does he know how true his words are.

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